PPPD Issued to people with ambulatory disabilities to park in International… Learn more
NYC Parking Permit for People with Disabilities Issued to people having a permanent disability seriously impairing… Learn more
Agency Authorized Parking Permit Issued to government employees and private school at private school… Learn more
Agency Business Parking Permit Issued to government employees on official business to park for up to 3… Learn more
Citywide Agency Parking Permit Permit issued to Government Agency heads and officials. Learn more
HTP Allows construction or transit vehicles on weight-restricted sections of… Learn more
911 Bus Parking Permit Issued to tour bus operators to park in Lower Manhattan for the 9/11… Learn more
Clergy Parking Permit Issued to members of the clergy to allow parking while conducting… Learn more
Annual On Street Parking Permit Issued to not-for-profit organizations to allow parking while conducting… Learn more
Single Use On Street Permit Issued for specific purposes in designated parking zones for limited… Learn more
Street Travel Permit Allows approved vehicles to access the Church Street Busway. Learn more
Express Lane Travel Permit Issued to not-for-profits and other businesses to use HOV lanes on the LIE… Learn more
NY State Permit for Organizations- Blue Hangtag Issued to organizations funded by NYC DFTA that transport older adults and… Learn more