NYC DOT issues a variety of parking and travel permits for individuals, government agencies, and organizations. 

Below is an overview of Parking and Travel permits issued by NYC DOT. You may visit a permit page to learn how to apply.

The first permit available on NYC DOT Parking Permits is the Highway Travel Permit.  To learn more, visit the Highway Travel Permit page.


Individual Permits for People with Disabilities

NYC Parking Permit for People with Disabilities (NYC PPPD) - Issued to people having a permanent disability seriously impairing mobility to park on NYC streets. Non-drivers, including children with qualifying disabilities, are also eligible for consideration. This permit allows for on-street parking in NYC’s No Parking zones and other restricted areas. 

Learn more about Parking Permits for People with Disabilities.


Temporary On-Street Parking Permit (Temp. NYC PPPD)- Issued for a period of three (3) months  to permit holders who are awaiting a recertification decision by NYC’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH).


NY State Parking Permit (NYS – Blue Hangtag) - Issued for a period of up to five (5) years to a NYC resident with a qualifying mobility disability as certified by a NY State-licensed physician. In NYC, this permit is used for parking in spaces with the International Symbol of Access, located in off-street parking and private lots only.

Learn more about NY State Parking Permits.


Temporary NY State Parking Permit (Temp. NYS – Red Hangtag) – Issued for a period of six (6) months for temporary mobility conditions that affect your ability to walk. Permit holders must reapply for another temporary permit upon expiration.


Government Agency Permits

Agency Business Parking Permit (ABPP) - Issued to government employees who need to park on-street while conducting official business. It is valid for three (3) hour parking in No Parking, Truck Loading and metered zones. The permit must be submitted through each agency’s NYC DOT liaison and distributed by NYC DOT through the employee’s agency liaison.

Learn more about Agency Business Parking Permits.


Citywide Agency Parking Permit (CAPP) - Issued to agency heads and top deputies who need to park while conducting official business.

Learn more about Citywide Agency Parking Permits.


Agency Authorized Parking Permit (AAOSP) - Issued to government employees and private school staff that travel between multiple facilities and utilize authorized on-street parking spaces.

Learn more about Agency Authorized Parking Permits.


Permits for Not-For-Profits Organizations, Clergy and Businesses

Annual On-Street Parking Permit (AOSPP) - Issued to not-for-profit organizations to allow parking in designated parking zones or locations for short, prearranged periods while conducting organization duties.

Learn more about Annual On-Street Parking Permits.


Clergy Parking Permit - Issued to members of the clergy to allow parking of personal vehicles while conducting ministerial duties. Allows vehicles to park for up to five (5) hours in No Parking zones adjacent to their houses of worship, up to four (4) hours in zones adjacent to funeral homes, and up to three (3) hours in zones adjacent to hospitals.

Learn more about Clergy Parking Permits.


9/11 Bus Parking Permit - Issued to tour bus operators visiting the 9/11 Memorial and Museum to park in designated metered bus parking spaces. These spaces are located below Houston Street in Lower Manhattan.

Learn more about the 9/11 Bus Parking Permit.


Express Lane Travel Permit - Issued to companies with ambulettes, commuter vans, shuttles, and vehicles with bus plates. This permit allows access to high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes on the Long Island and Gowanus Expressways.

Learn more about Express Lane Travel Permits.


Highway Travel Permit - This permit allows multi-passenger transit vehicles (such as commuter vans and school buses) and construction vehicles access to weight-restricted sections of NYC parkways typically used by passenger cars. Most permits for transit vehicles are issued to not-for-profits, schools, and summer camps. Permits for construction vehicles are solely issued to companies maintaining and reconstructing these parkways and adjacent roads. Applications for these permits are reviewed by NYC DOT engineers to ensure that these heavier vehicles do not have an adverse impact on road integrity and safety.

Learn more about Highway Travel Permits.


Single Use On-Street Application (SUOS) - Issued for a particular purpose in designated parking zones or at specific locations for a prearranged period of time. Not issued for commercial activities or to commercial vehicles.

Learn more about Single Use On-Street Applications.


Street Travel Permit - Allows approved vehicles to travel on the Trinity Place/Church Street Busway at Battery Park and Greenwich Street, so that they may have access to buildings located on the busway. 

Learn more about Street Travel Permits.


Other NYC Permit Information: 

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