This permit allows vans, buses, and heavy-duty construction vehicles to access sections of NYC parkways that are otherwise available only to passenger cars due to weight restrictions.

If you are already familiar with the Highway Travel Permit, or you are a current permit holder, you may want to advance to the new applicants and existing permit holders section. If you are renewing a Highway Travel Permit and are familiar with NYC DOT Parking Permits, you may go straight to the Highway Travel Application page.


Permit Background

New York City’s parkways were originally designed exclusively for passenger cars.  The parkways’ bridges were not built to carry the weight of numerous trucks, buses, and other heavy vehicles. Moreover, many of the parkway’s underpasses only have enough clearance for passenger vehicles.  However, vans, buses, and trucks fulfilling specific purposes may obtain this permit to have limited access to the parkways.


1. Which parkways and highways require the use of this permit for overweight vehicles?

  • Belt Parkway
  • Bronx River Parkway
  • Cross Island Parkway
  • Eastern Parkway
  • FDR Drive
  • Grand Central Parkway (between the Triboro Bridge and the Van Wyck Expressway only, except for construction vehicles)
  • Harlem River Drive
  • Henry Hudson Parkway
  • Hutchinson River Parkway (Bronx section of the parkway only)
  • Mosholu Parkway
  • Pelham Parkway
  • Korean War Veterans (Richmond) Parkway


2. Who is eligible to apply?

These permits are generally issued to four types of users:

  1. Not-for-profit organizations, summer camps, and schools using multi-passenger vehicles to transport students, older adults or people with disabilities.
  2. Commuter and shuttle vans, and ambulettes.
  3. Vehicles that service businesses accessible only by use of parkways.
  4. Maintenance and construction vehicles that require access to maintain and repair parkways or to work on construction jobs adjacent to parkways.  


3. What is the duration of this permit?

Most Highway Travel Permits have a one-year duration, except for the construction vehicle permits which generally lasts as long as the project.


4. Is my permit valid at all times?

Permits are issued for the minimum hours and days essential for the activity. Permits issued to buses are only valid when transporting passengers.


5. What does the permit look like?

The permit is a rectangular placard with the NYC logo on it. The permit lists conditions of use, including the expiration date, portions of the roadway allowed, and travel times permitted. 


6. Does my Highway Travel Permit allow my vehicle to drive on any weight-restricted highway in New York City?

The permit only allows access to the route approved on your permit.


7. May I use this permit to travel in Parkway HOV lanes?

NYC DOT has a separate HOV permit for traveling in those lanes. Go to the HOV Permit Page for more information.


8. What if my vehicle is not eligible for this permit, but I still need to travel on a parkway?

Go to NYC DOT’s website to learn more about Trucks and Commercial vehicles in NYC, including other NYC DOT permits.


9. Can I obtain a permit for my personal vehicle?

Personal vans, trucks, or other personal vehicles over roadway permitted weight are not eligible for this permit.


10. How do I apply?

You begin the process by creating a NYC DOT Parking Permits account. You will need an email address to create an account. If you already have an account, you may proceed to the application page.


11. How does the application process work?

For all non-construction vehicles, applications are reviewed by NYC DOT’s Parking & Customer Service Unit (PCS). PCS staff will review items on your application, such as height and weight, as well as the vehicle's proposed route to see if it is allowable. If you are missing the required documentation at this stage, a PCS staff member will ask you to upload any necessary documents.  An email notification will be sent to you once your application is approved.

If your vehicle is a construction vehicle involved in constructing or maintaining the parkway, PCS will review your application and may contact you to suggest modifications to your application or request additional documentation. Once your application is certified as complete, it will be forwarded to NYC DOT’s Truck and Bridges Engineers for review.  After this review, some applications are also sent to New York State DOT Engineers. If your route is approved, PCS will contact you via email.


12. Do I pick up my permit, or is it mailed to me?

If you have fewer than 30 permits approved, PCS will mail them to you. If you have 30 or more permits approved, you must pick them up at the PCS office:

New York City Department of Transportation

Permits and Customer Service

30-30 Thomson Avenue

(Entrance on 30th Place, near 47th Avenue)


13. How long does this process take?

Generally, the process takes ten business days from the time we receive your application to complete the review process.


14. Once a permit is approved, how long is it until I receive my permit?

After we mail the permit, it may take up to ten business days to receive your permit.


For New Applicants and Existing Permit Holders

15. Can I mail in a paper application?

Paper applications are no longer accepted for this permit.   You must log in to your NYC DOT Parking Permits account to submit applications. You may create your account here. You will need an email address to create an account.


For Existing Permit Holders

16. How do I display the permit?

Place the permit on your vehicle’s dashboard and display it at all times when driving on the section of parkway specified by the permit.


17. What do I do if my permit is lost or stolen?

If your permit is lost or stolen:  

  1. Fill out the form on the lost/stolen/never received page.
  2. You will need to have the form notarized.
  3. Once it is notarized, you will need to take the form to the local police precinct where you lost the permit or where it was stolen.
  4. At the precinct, request a police report and complaint number. 
  5. Please email the police report and the notarized form to the Highway Travel Permit Team.

We will replace your permit as soon as your request is approved and processed.


18. What if I don’t receive my permit? 

If it has been longer than ten business days since your permit was sent, follow the same instructions for a lost or stolen permit. 


19. What if I want to change the vehicle plate on a permit?
Go to the organization profile page and follow instructions.


20. Where can I get additional information on commercial vehicles, including obtaining permits for oversize vehicles?

Visit the NYC DOT website for more information about: