Allows construction or transit vehicles on weight-restricted sections of Parkways.

Highway Travel Permit (HTP) allows multi-passenger transit vehicles (such as commuter vans and school buses) and construction vehicles access to weight-restricted sections of NYC parkways typically used by passenger cars. Most permits for transit vehicles are issued to not-for-profits, schools, and summer camps. Permits for construction vehicles are solely issued to companies maintaining and reconstructing these parkways and adjacent roads.

Applications for these permits are reviewed by NYC DOT engineers to ensure that these heavier vehicles do not have an adverse impact on road integrity and safety.


To apply for a Highway Travel Permit:

A. Your Organization has to be registered in the system. If you are the primary contact for your organization and if this is your first time accessing the site, please Register your Organization and follow the instructions. Once the organization has been registered, DOT will review and will contact you with more details. After the organization has been approved by DOT, please create your account using the same email provided during the Organization Registration

B. If your Organization has been registered already and you are a liaison, please create your account using your organization’s email. If you have question about who your primary contact is, please email the Highway Travel Permit Team


Learn more about what can you do as a Primary Contact or as a Liaison.

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