Helpful tips for using the online application system to request NYC parking permits.


1. What is NYC DOT Parking Permits?

NYC DOT Parking Permits is the easy and convenient way to apply for and manage your parking permit requests online.  The NYC Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) offers parking permits for clergy, government, not-for-profits, people with disabilities, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations and businesses.  The first permit available on NYC DOT Parking Permits is the Highway Travel Permit.  NYC DOT Parking Permits will replace the current ePermits processing system that is currently used for the Agency Business Permit (ABPP) and the Agency Annual On-Street Permit (AOSPP) and the disability parking permits.

To apply for a Highway Travel Permit:

A. Your Organization has to be registered in the system. If you are the primary contact for your organization and if this is your first time accessing the site, please Register your Organization and follow the instructions. Once the organization has been registered, DOT will review and will contact you with more details. After the organization has been approved by DOT, please create your account using the same email provided during the Organization Registration

B. If your Organization has been registered already and you are a liaison, please create your account using your organization’s email. If you have question about who your primary contact is, please email the Highway Travel Permit Team

Learn more about what can you do as a Primary Contact or as a Liaison.

Learn more about Highway Travel Permit.


2. What are the key differences between ePermits and NYC DOT Parking Permits?

Whereas ePermits only had limited functionality for online processing. NYC DOT Parking Permits provides applicants with access to parking permit applications, submissions, and processing status. Additionally, NYC DOT Parking Permits will allow permit holders to renew their permits online.


3. What are the benefits of NYC DOT Parking Permits?

NYC DOT Parking Permits is a fully-secure online application. NYC DOT Parking Permits allows people requesting parking permits to upload forms and supporting documentation. This site also offers real-time access to parking permit information and email notifications with application status updates. NYC DOT Parking Permits has been designed to the highest security standards and substantially reduces paper-based processes.


4. How do I create a NYC DOT Parking Permits account?

Visit the Create an Account page to learn more.


5. Is there a fee to create a NYC DOT Parking Permits account? How do I pay permit fees?

All of the permits on NYC DOT Parking Permits are free. There is no fee to create an NYC DOT Parking Permits account.


6. How do I reset my username or password?

On the My Account page, click Reset Password, then follow the instructions on the page.


7. How do I sign up for email notifications?

For most permit types, email notifications will be set up automatically when you sign up for NYC DOT Parking Permits.

Email addresses are not required for your disability permit application.  However, by providing an email address, you will be informed with immediate status update notifications.


8. How long does the permit request process take?

The amount of time a permit request will take depends the kind of permit being requested. Please go to the Individual permit pages for more details. However, please note that individual disability permits can take up to ninety (90) days.


9. How long until I receive my parking permit?

Please go to the individual permit pages for more details. Most permits are put it in the mail the day after being printed, therefore, barring extenuating circumstances outside of the control of NYC DOT, it should not take longer than one (1) week after that to receive the permit. 


10. What if I don’t receive my permit? 

If has been longer than ten (10) business days since your permit was mailed, please go to the individual permit page for more details.  If your disability permit was mailed, please fill out a Never Received form and return it to this office.  If you have further questions, you may also contact the Permit and Customer Service Bureau at the phone number and address listed above.


11. Can I still mail in a paper application?

You may still submit a paper application for all individual disability parking permits. For all other permits you must use the NYC DOT Parking Permits website. Please check the specific permit information page for more details.


12. Who manages NYC DOT Parking Permits?

The NYC DOT Parking Permits and Customer Service Bureau manages NYC DOT Parking Permits. This includes a staff of over 50 employees who issue approximately 100,000 parking permits each year.


13. What NYC parking permits are available on NYC DOT Parking Permits?

The individual permits for people with disabilities, government and permits for not-for-profits organizations, clergy and businesses can be found in the Permits page.